3v3 Tournament
Saturday, August 26
81 Licking View Drive, Heath

Round Robin and Double Elimination Tournament

Only $5 per player

YOU form your own team!

JV Division - Ages 12-15

Varsity Division - Ages 16-19

Players permitted to compete in higher division.

All players are required to have proof of age (birth certificate, drivers license, or even a parent phone call)

What you need to Register

  1. Registration form (Below)
  2. Proof of age
  3. Player fee ($5)

The Schedule

9:30 Check in/Warm-up
10:00 Welcome and Rules
10:15 Round Robin/1st round
12:00 Free Lunch and Challenge Time
1:00 2nd Round
3:00 Championship Games
3:30 Awards

In case of rain, we will play indoors. Please bring indoor and outdoor shoes and plan to play outdoors.

The Prizes
Each Player on 1st place teams will receive a
Championship medal as well as a . . .

$25 Dick's Sporting Goods Gift Card (max 3 per team)

The Rules

Newark Baptist Temple is a Christian organization and is concerned about a level of excellence and maintaining a high level of respect for the community. Submitting your name on an entry form signifies your willingness to abide by the tournament rules of conduct. Failure to do so could result in ejection from tournament and event property.

*Please do not play music and try to avoid headphones
* Please do not use tobacco in any form.
* Please do not bring alcohol.
* Please do not curse or fight.
*Please use good sportsmanship.
* Please give respect to all event staff, especially game officials.
* Please take care of the event property.
* Please do not litter.
* Please stay until the Challenge Time is complete (Leaving early will eliminate you from prizes and cause your team to forfeit)
* Please give your attention to the speaker during the gospel message.

The Game Rules

*All games are officiated.
*The 1st part will be a Round Robin format. *The 2nd part will be the double elimination tournament.
*The length of games will be determined by the number of teams entering.
*Jump ball will begin play.
*Change of possession requires a take back (including after a jump ball)
*All throw-ins must be made from the top of the key and must be a pass in.
*After a made basket, the opposing team will take it out. Checking the ball is not required.
*Teams of 3 that lose a player must play with 2 players.
*The clock will run except for the final rounds when it stops on dead balls.
*Overtime periods will be 1 minute.
*Only team fouls are recorded. Upon the 5th team foul, the fouled player gets 1 free-throw and the ball. If the basket is good on the foul, the fouled player gets a free-throw, with the opposing team getting the ball back. Regular shooting fouls will result in free throws.
*Score is kept by 1s, 2s and 3s.
*Stalling with the lead is not permitted and will result in a loss of possession.
*Players may not change teams once the tournament begins.
*Subbing can be done at any dead ball.
*Jewelry may not be worn during games.
* A held ball results in a NBA style jump ball.

Please contact Nate Humphrey at (740)403-8939 / nhumphrey22@gmail.com if you have any questions at all!

Download and print attached waiver/registration form and bring to tournament